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We are a web application development company with a talented team of programmers, architects, software engineers, managers and designers. We use the latest tools and resources to deliver premium apps to businesses of all sizes, including large international companies and small start-ups worldwide.

What is a Web Application?

The web app is a dynamic client / server program that uses a browser and technology to perform tasks on the Internet. Common examples are webmail, online retail sales, Google Drive, instant messaging and more.

These offer a wide range of functions, including user interaction, the generation of browser results, the connection of the back-end database.

You can create apps such as social networks, online purchases, instant messaging, banking services, online reservations, auctions, surveys, blogs, games, education, forums, content management, accounting, etc.

Benefits of web-based apps

Web-based apps are dynamic websites with powerful functions for server-side programming. You do not need the memory of the device that is accessed through a network connection and stored on the remote server. In addition, you can use HTML5 technology to build apps that run on any device, from desktop computers to tablets that support browsers.

  • The implementable functions are the following.
  • Interaction with users,
  • The result is generated in the browser,
  • Connection to the back-end database,
  • Online reservation,
  • Content management system
  • File management
  • Economic forecast
  • Complex online calculation,

It includes many other tasks that greatly reduce the burden of administrative work.

How can your Business Benefit from IT?
  • With well-designed apps, you can earn income from many categories of consumers, advertisers and businesses.
  • They provide connectivity with millions of consumers and other businesses
  • Organize work functions and processes internally and externally
  • Flexibility and diversity
  • Convenient services and online solutions will help you get a more reliable customer and improve the customer experience
Our Experience

Software engineers, creative designers and QA teams have achieved rapid skill in the field of development. Using the experience of the programming language and years of experience, developers can turn innovative ideas into incredible technical solutions. Over the years, the experience has increased the value of technology and used countless programming languages ​​such as Java, ASP.NET, PHP, CSS, and HTML5.

They have extensive experience in creating IT solutions for multiple industries. Please tell me your business goals. We will find the best solution for you.

Approach that Customers can Pursue

Our IT agency focus on customized software solutions tailored to your specific needs, starting by sharing our ideas, through continuous communication, the web application development team will not only meet your expectations but also your expectations. Whether you are a start-up or a large company, we want to help you turn your vision into an exciting product.

Development of Customized Web Applications

The bespoke app that our team creates is customized according to the needs and requirements of your business. With proper personalization and customization, we guarantee better performance, efficiency, visual appeal and reach business objectives and brands. We are doing everything possible to add concrete value to your company through the use of software solutions and a profitable investment.

Our web app developers will offer you a complete service that includes:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Wire frame
  • Proof
  • Support and maintenance

The web app development company will create for you the software tools that will improve the performance of the company.

Development of Apps in the Cloud

As with website, to access products in the cloud, use online services over the Internet. It combines the benefits of digital apps and desktop apps to provide highly scalable, secure and optimized performance services.

As with desktop software, it can provide immediate responses to data in local cache, rich UX, and offline user actions. They do not need to be installed on the computer and their updates can be done at any time.

Creating an application in the cloud is necessary to evaluate and plan scalability, capacity, and security. If you are interested in creating one, you can help in selecting the type of cloud to maintain.

Web architecture: How does it work?


Client-side Script

There are two main approaches to the development of web applications.

The client's script program is executed by the user's browser, that is, the client side. The source code of these applications will be shown to all users Each user can refer to a file containing a user's file. There is a wide variety of client-side scripting tools and techniques, including:

  • Cascading style sheet
  • Hypertext Markup Language
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • Dojo Toolkit


Backend - server-side script

The source code of app created with server-side scripting technology running on the Web server is not displayed to the user. Here are the most modern methods and tools for server-side scripts

A generic programming language widely used in server-side scripts that can be combined with many database servers, such as

  • Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP-MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Zend Framework
  • Active Server Pages
  • Adobe Cold Fusion
  • Pearl: A free general dynamic programming language, which has lost popularity due to the introduction of PHP.
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python: Dynamic, Explanatory and High Level Distributed Programming Language

Create a Web App Using Framework

The framework or web app framework incorporates software libraries, templates and other tools into architectural patterns that help programmers program and efficiently admit sophisticated web apps.

These frameworks are for programming and engineering, many of them promote code reuse by providing tutorials about folder structure and organization examples, database connection, architecture models , unit management, etc. The main advantages of the web structure are:

The logic (action scene and program) and part of the design (including HTML and CSS) have separated from each other. With the help of the programmers, other people involved in the development, such as designers who are not familiar with the creation of codes, can edit the interface and change the design of the software.

Provide tools and libraries that allow developers to quickly implement sophisticated features and share libraries easily.

The structural design allows developers to write high quality codes, stay updated according to the standard and allow others to verify the code in the shortest possible time.

Coding Rules and Terms

The encoding rule is a set of guidelines that define the rules for programming various aspects of a Web application. These rules and standards include programming styles, principles, folder structure, programming practices, indentation, format, classes, architecture, and so on. These guidelines also ensure that comments and documents are the same to improve the readability of the source code, and that it has different apps and components.

Reasons to use the coding conference

  • According to the coding standards, it is easy for other developers to work on the same project.
  • Coding makes it easy to maintain and update standard programs.
  • Under the conference, the code can be easily understood.

Approach to the Development of Applications

The development of web apps is a complex process that requires the participation of many experts who specialize in various fields of IT. However, each mobile and web development agency has its own established procedures and strategies.

Several companies apply SDLC, such as the traditional life cycle method of system development, or a waterfall model or a more innovative agile software development approach.

SDLC Model

The Waterfall model is a software design that accomplishes the development process in terms of application research, design requirements, research analysis, architecture design, concept and counterfeiting, programming, testing, code verification, proofreading. error, implementation. The deployment and maintenance of the traditional approach should include

A stricter software development methodology is a programming approach, which is accompanied by small iterations by a self-organized team of experts who cooperate with clients. Developers can provide customers with fully operational software in the shortest possible time and can actually modify the products in the last phase of development.

The process of creating web applications

Each software development company has its own development process that identifies the steps and strategies of the development team during project development. However, the general methods of developing web applications for each design firm are necessary.

  • Project Outline

    Identify the purpose of the application, the purpose and the strategy of the project. Determine the main purpose, how to meet the requirements, basic functions.

  • Investigation and Analysis of the Audience

    We will investigate usability and logic for your target audience and your future clients, we will judge what type of access your application needs, we will establish security risks for prevention Identify

  • Layout Design and Wiring

    The excellent web applications must combine user-friendliness and attractive interfaces. You must use visual elements that provide user interaction, a simple and easy-to-use user experience. Create multiple UI design concepts, map the interaction template, and customize comments to meet your needs.

  • Develop Web Applications

    In deciding the functionality of your application and accepting this design, we will create MVP, which is a minimum executable product, which is a work program with the main function. I will test the program and, I hope, I will implement additional features and improve on the basis of comments. All processes are always tested. Whenever we integrate a new function, we test to make sure there are no errors

Testing and Debugging Web Applications

The test is an essential stage of development. Test design and programming can take longer and more resources. We perform several UI / UX and QA tests, so that your application can meet your needs and meet your needs, as well as meet the quality standards of our company.

  • We are looking at the simulated display of millions of users so that web applications can handle high traffic.
  • In order to obtain the best quality, all tasks must be passed to public quality control before opening the application.
  • Complex tasks must be completed using a complex and easy-to-use interface design. Probably will not be a disposable customer and will guide them to the competition site.
  • We have incorporated high standards of compliance and security procedures and standards and recognize the importance of security for your business and your reputation.

There are many important aspects that you should always keep in mind when testing your application.

  • Code check and error test
  • Compatibility with Cross Browser
  • Performance: Voltage test and load shock test
  • Security management
  • Quality guarantee
  • Usability verification
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