Tips to Organize Your iPhone Apps

Keeping your ‘digital life’ organized can help you in the long run and make your work a lot more efficient. Owning an iPhone isn’t enough. An iPhone is defined by the apps you keep in it and how well organized they are. Here is a list of tips to keep your iPhone apps organized and orderly so that next time you don’t have to frantically search for the Maps App in the middle of the street.

#1: Action Categorization

Now this is the most important part of the organizing table. Keep all the apps with similar functions or apps dealing with similar actions in the same folder. Like you can keep Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat in the same folder. Then you could keep all your photography related apps like Instagram and Google Photos in the same folder.

#2: Color Coding

If you are attracted to visual organization, color coding your apps can be very effective. Like Snapchat has a yellow icon and the Facebook icon is predominantly blue. So you could keep your Snapchat near Apple Maps and your Facebook app alongside Twitter. This is what color combination is all about.

#3: Using the Hotspots

Hotspots are areas of the phone you touch frequently. The Home button and the App dock are together referred to as the hotspots. They are places very close together for adding efficiency to the work. Using these hotspots effectively can make your iPhone usage a lot more fluid.

#4: Frequency of Use

There are certain apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter that you visit every day. These apps can be better organized if you arrange them properly. Consider the apps you use every day, place these apps on the home screen so that you don’t have to go out searching for them every time. Now swipe left if you’re left handed and right if you are right handed. Place the apps you use maybe every two days here. Apps like Instagram, Maps, Music player etc.

#5: Rows with Themes

Now this is an interesting feature iPhone users can resort to when organizing their apps. Remember School Theme parties? People got to wear various outfits depending on their theme. Now you can relive that memory through your IOS system. You can arrange all your photography themed apps in a single row, your social media apps in another single row. This makes life a lot easier and you don’t have to search for that little blue icon for 1 whole minute.
Follow these steps and your iPhone will become a part of your body metabolism.