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Over eight years we were gaining positions of the leading software developer in London becoming world-class IT specialists. Our London IT company manage to leverage the results, striving to approve being IT experts. Combining advanced expertise and experience, creative UI approach and proficiency, we create software, that answer your goals to help future-oriented entrepreneurs via innovative bespoke IT solutions to speed ​​up business growth.


Our software company in London recruited a committed team based on the common passion for modern IT and innovations. We are mature developers with powerful front-end and back-end capabilities, we are ready to realisation of complicated tasks with SQL and other custom database solutions. Read more.

Front-end development

Now we have experts specializing in the use of JavaScript, HTML5, VBScript, ActionScript, CSS3, and client side scripts such as jQuery, AJAX, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. This experience allows us to design an impressive web interface with stylish visual effects and perfect animation.

Backend programming

The core of each software product is its function and can give the user. Close to our London headquarters you will find software developers who can provide the most advanced programming languages ​​such as C #, C ++, PHP, Java and Ruby, Perl, Python, ASP.NET Unbelievable function.

Mobile technology

As a full service company in London, we also have mobile department which delivers state-of-the-art mobile solutions for all major operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows:

  • iOS developers are high-quality experts who can perform the same as the Swift and Objective-C coders benefiting from all the features offered by Apple's Xcode IDE. With the skills, we can help customers take advantage of this powerful, secure and stable operating system and create a mobile solution what meets their highest requirements.
  • With the powerful Android department, we can write the Java code in the Eclipse IDE and in the official official development environment of Google, Android Studio. Experience enables us to ensure Android mobile applications are highly intuitive and available in a variety of display resolutions and screen sizes so that the huge market share of Android users has a seamless user experience.
  • With the latest updates to the Windows Mobile operating system, our London-based team has the opportunity to create a common application for all Windows device families through the Visual Studio IDE, so it has a single application for all departments from Windows.

Software development lifecycle

The software and application creation lifecycle is the term used by developers to refer to the process of designing, designing, coding, testing, and deploying programs, applications, or information systems. Software developers in London are accustomed to using only proven methods of development to ensure good work and integration. Developers generally apply two main methods, namely waterfalls and agile. We can be proud qualified project managers who select the most appropriate option depending on your specific development case:


Waterfall methodology

The waterfall method means strict documents, fixed budgets and schedules. The method complies with the client's clear procedural specifications and requirements, and the final product is displayed. In the software strategy it is not possible to make changes, the client did not have the opportunity to start testing the application in the medium term. Each step is separated from other steps, only to complete the design and development team to start coding and so on. But this approach minimizes the costs.

Agile Method

In contrast, agile development methods provide greater flexibility and adaptability. This is an iterative process, composed of several cycles, the developer while dealing with different stages of design and coding. This method is a perfect solution for those who are unsure of their requirements for the program and who should have the function. Agile development ensures fast time to market without compromising the quality of the program, while allowing customers to improve their software strategy after each phase, observe the results and provide feedback. Unlike the waterfall model, agile one is less risky but has a great chance of exceeding the initial budget, but can be eliminated by excellent project manager to ensure their situation. This method ensures a high degree of software customization.

How We Build Software

As a leading software developer in London, we have a well-executed application design process which can be applied to any development method to ensure high quality products that deliver the desired results. We know how to make a successful solution and start with pre-development analysis. When we understand the business needs of customers, we will help you solve the challenges and achieve the desired goals and objectives.
  • Research

    The planning phase defines the future success of the program. Base the right development, which will lead to the destination meeting. At this stage, analysts and project managers analyze potential research markets and competitors to study user needs and market demand. This phase also includes researching the organization's goals and the company's workflow. In the planning process, the team dedicated to the project is looking for alternatives and the best software solutions. At this stage, we conclude it is best to use agile models or waterfall to develop your IT solutions, identify specifications and functions, and define and describe costs and benefits.
  • UI

    London design team is composed of creative and skilled people who pay attention to each project and strive to provide the best. We begin by creating a template which ensures your color patterns, styles, fonts, and other visual elements reflect the business identity needed and are consistent with the purpose of the program. While prototyping, they will create a navigation that will create a clickable user interface (UI) so you can try out your own convenience and usability. Our mission is to ensure that users experience (UX), attract and retain users, and help them focus on application functionality.
  • Code

    As professional London-based software developers, we've written a stable, readable, secure code with scalable architecture that enables us to achieve powerful functionality. We strive to follow coding guidelines and standards so your program can meet common standards and user expectations. With a world-class developer development team, we can provide front-end and back-end encoding services, using cloud technology, integrating third-party programs, using various APIs and libraries. At the writing stage, our developers have created the core of the program that integrates the functionality required. When programmers use the agile method to start encoding, they will soon provide an MVP (the smallest possible product) with a key feature and let you try to use it. This test allows you to clarify what features you really need and what you do not need. This stage is usually the most time consuming.
  • Release

    We have a team of in-house quality assurance specialists located in London, from the initial phase through to the deployment, focusing on the quality of your IT solution. They carefully analyze the potential problems and challenges that may occur during the development process, and before software developers begin coding, they recommend avoiding the wrong method from the outset. But their work is not done here. They are constantly testing their security, stability, intuition, performance and usability throughout the development process. User interface design is also tested by a group of testers that are appropriate for your audience to ensure that the user interface is user-friendly and has an understandable navigation map. We eliminated the errors that might have occurred and retested until we were perfect. If needed and approved, our team can help customers send applications to the application store or integrate the program in an integrated way for internal use.
  • Aftercare

    Since we help you deploy customized software solutions, we also provide maintenance and technical support services. The fact is that information technology is one of the rapidly growing industries, with growth, people's needs are growing. London IT team is always ready to establish long-term business relationships and provide a dedicated team of leading software developers in London to edit, update and update their programs to meet their ever changing needs and needs.

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Close to our company, you've hired the most professional developers in London, we'll be happy to help you create custom software that meets your business goals and needs.

Custom program
Since its inception for seven years, we have custom software for clients in many industries across the world. This experience and rich industry insight allow us to meet your needs and exceed expectations.
Technology trends
Our experience will not cause any kind and complexity of the shadow of doubt about the successful delivery of IT projects. What we do is professional because we really enjoy the work we do, keep up to date with all technical trends and innovations.
Professional management
We offer first-class service and end-to-end development to take care of all the challenges of the process and provide processes of transparency, clarity and control. The dedicated project manager always informs the progress and feedback of the project. This regular and continuous communication allows us to meet the highest levels of the most demanding needs.
Cost effective investment
We provide economical and cost-effective solutions to solve practical problems, not just "good" programs. Our work allows us to provide people with the technology to help them benefit from it, that's what we do.

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