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A mobile app for in-field engineers

Our customer was looking for a way to automate and streamline field-inspection with a smart mobile tool that could collect real-time information from engineers in the field. We built a comprehensive, consistent, and easily-integrated mobile software. We overlaid geotechnical maps with Google Maps API to save engineers time and reduce the frequency of human errors and removed the necessity in an expensive GPS equipment with mobile app GPS coordinates. Finally, we integrated project management features which enable engineers to make notes from their smartphone and automatically send to the office eliminating the necessity of retyping hand-written note on the computer.


Smart City

A mobile app for city services

One of the big cities and tourist favourite places representative approached our company to develop a mobile application that will let the city to provide its services in the most efficient format possible considering the mobilisation of the whole world. Additionally, such app would enable to collect all the user data together in a single place which will be useful for the city and local businesses. We created the app that brings all core governmental services together, collects user data letting the city to improve its services and provide a real-time communication channel. A newsfeed keeps users informed about all city events, announcements, and alerts increasing the awareness. Users can also submit their requests and watch their progress status.



A mobile tool for sales team with web backend

Our client came to us to optimise the work of his sales team so that they could sell more and collect the data they need saving their time. Our client was looking for the effective tool that would better demonstrate her company products during face-to-face meetings. In average, every sales representative was spending over six hours per week for the preparations of materials for the meeting, our task was to design the app that will help to save time and display sale-supporting material in an interactive way. We developed a tool that showcases their sales materials and records customer insights working in both online and offline modes. We integrated it with the company’s CRM system so they could manage the content simultaneously in both of them.


Video Maker

Software that lets to create brief video clips

Our customer approached us with an idea of developing a video making service that will enable users to compile short video files for capturing important moments and occasions. The program consisted of two parts: a web system written with Java and AngularJS and iOS application coded in Objective-C letting users interact with this service from both desktop and mobile devices. The app lets users engage congratulate their friends and family members on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. But can also be used educational purposes in the creation of video projects. As soon as a user registered on the website or app, he or she can start the creation of a project, then the user can invite other users by email or other social media to contribute the project.


Get Ticket

An app for online travel service

Our client, a travel company, provides its services online focusing on travel and hospitality industry. They offer the most favourable airline and railway tickets, hotel booking, and travel insurance services. Our team has built an app that employs the methods of ticket search that let users save their money and time. Unlike traditional paper-based ticketing channels, we created a program that reduces the production and distribution costs and provides a convenient way of ticket purchasing. The app search mechanism search for the best deals from more than 800 airlines ensuring the presence of all classes of travelling. The app significantly improves user experience providing a mobile version of customer’s site functionality.


Crew Schedule

A mobile app for crew members

Our customer was interested in the creation of a mobile application for airline crew with integrated third-party web service they used to employ. Our task was to build an Android application, but with a portable code with further expanding for iOS platform, so we utilised Xamarin technology ensuring native user experience and seamless performance of the program. The main purpose of the app was an opportunity to alert pilots and flight attendants about any changes in their schedule. We built an app that synchronises with the web service letting users consolidate notes on multiple airports and be always aware of their schedule, flight status, TAF/METAR weather forecast.