Outsourcing software development to create your own perfect app

Outsourcing software development to create your own perfect app

How to build commercial apps

If you can not decide whether or not you want one of the future entrepreneurs developed by the in-house team or outsourced developers, we will be happy to share the experience with you and provide information about the IT industry so that you have the ability to make a decision investment knowledge. The globalization process offers many opportunities for a wide range of opportunities available to many firms around the world. That's why business competition is more intense and looks for ways to leave a competitor, improving productivity, optimizing working processes, reducing expenses and providing more customer service. Information technology can change the way entrepreneurs run business and help them meet their goals.

With some platforms, like clutch.co, you can choose:

  • Outsourcing software creation services;
  • Hire your own professional developers;
  • Trust this idea to freelancers.
Outsourced developers

Off-house software development is among the most common ways of developing custom program to meet business activities. The idea of ​​outsourcing means that you find an outside agency which specializes in the services you need. Software creation outsourcing can be accomplished from local agencies, known as onshore outsourcing, or you could find a expert development team abroad and outsource the offshore developers. Outsourcing land may be more convenient, which means there is no cultural difference, and because of the same time, control activities and links easier, but are generally more expensive than offshoring.

In-house team

In-house developers and onshore outsourcing teams are different, the first one is about establishing IT department within the organisation. When it comes to software programming outsourcing, it involves hiring professional IT specialists, business analysts and QA experts who partner with your company in order to solve internal automation problems, develop bespoke program, maintain it and provide personal technical support integrally. Unlike outsourced experts, they may be more motivated and are always under your control. However, this option is only reasonable if you plan long-term IT projects or offer additional Web services (reviews, audits, or other content) to make information technology part of your company's activities.


Outsourcing freelancers might be one of the cheapest alternatives bespoke software development and the most dangerous. Visit the Upwork site and you will visit hundreds of independent developer portfolios. But to ensure you eventually get a well-behaved program, you'll need to join in on a number of projects which may never work. In addition, outsourced freelancers you delegate this idea to the artists, who do what you ask, ask what you get and provide a list of specifications.

Why outsource software development instead of recruiting internal staff or freelancers?

Outsourced software developers from established firm are the most secure way to get high quality products that can be your most profitable investment. We can summarize the main reasons to start outsourcing in relation to internal programmers and freelance employment:



This may seem unlikely, but outsourcing saves money in long-term consideration. If you hire an in-house specialist, you must make a huge initial investment in your workspace, equipment and normal pay, and it will be totally unreasonable after the project ends. Outsourcing and freelancers won't require regular salaries and other prepaid expenses.


Time to market.

Software construction takes less time when co-developers work together to deliver applications over time. Setting up an internal development team to meet freelancers and independent efforts is much more than finding a company that has already created a team. As a result, you'll save time hiring, hiring, training and new employees.



A company specializing in software development services and offers more than five years of business, allowing you to immediately access some professional developers with professional knowledge and experience, both superior to those of freelancers or internal developers. You can reduce your risk by outsourcing an agency that has high-quality organizational culture, project management, and established design processes.

Creating business programms can be something that keeps your firm in the market. Such a serious investment should be a prudent decision. Given all the pros and cons, find the best solution for you - whether you're hiring an in-house developer or outsourcing to a software development agency.

What we do

As a leading software company, we provide comprehensive services related to application development, from mobile and internet consulting and business analysis to UI / UX design, written code, QA testing, startup and maintenance.

Mobile phone applications

The company has a team of mobile application developers who can help you attract customers, mobilize your business, and authorize employees to work remotely. We offer any type and complexity of mobile applications:

  • iOS application developers use the latest version of Xcode's integrated development environment, which reduces coding time due to their editorial updates to verify and debug static code. Proficient in Objective-C and Swift, we take advantage of the powerful SDK, library, API, and native feature framework to develop applications. The iOS platform is known as the most secure and stable platform therefore provides the best environment for enterprise application creation.
  • The Android programmer team has experience with Android Studio and Eclipse and learns how to benefit from each IDE using the advanced Java libraries and the Android SDK. Let's ensure that mobile apps are great on every device running this platform so you can reach out to the public to promote your brand and attract new leads.
  • Windows with its upgraded mobile operating system provides a unified application creation process for all devices running the Windows 10 operating system. With the Visual Studio IDE's ability and qualified C ++ knowledge, we'll help you cover 50 millions of Windows Mobile users.
Web Software

We are a reputable application development company. Whether you are looking for front-end or back-end Web programming, our team will provide you with a high quality service. By outsourcing the web developer you will have an enthusiastic software engineer and web designer who are well versed in a variety of networking technologies to provide IT solutions for any business challenge. If you are looking for:

  • Optimization and automation of internal processes;
  • Intranet and extranet to improve communication within the organisation and business partners;
  • The CRM system will strengthen customer relationships;
  • Customize the database so you can process your data in your own way;
  • Or access real-time data from anywhere;

Our team provides businesses with a bespoke software solutions ensuring they have a responsive and adaptive design, so that we can build the web program can achieve excellence in any screen size. We use the latest innovative technology, we have enough experience including ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Python, CSS3 and other web technologies.

Outsourcing our development services

By outsourcing this company, you find a trusted business partner that helps you reduce all your uncertainties and get rid of all your problems and concerns that IT may exist. We are here to help you understand how information technology can improve productivity and take your business to a new level. You can be sure we will meet your expectations:

Establish a corporate culture

Our experience and experience, co-developers and designers, as well as a variety of values, make us a unique unit designed to provide first-class software solutions. We use different development methods, according to the requirements of each project, to work with greater efficiency. So if you have explicit application requirements or ambiguous application ideas, then our team and your personal project manager will define the best path to your goals. We carefully consider and estimate the application ideation by designing and building your project within budget and time. Throughout the development lifecycle, project manager communicates regularly with you to ensure the requirements are met.

Competent IT developer

Our team includes experienced senior developers and young talent who never stop learning and exploring the process. Our company is people-oriented and strives to develop the most convenient conditions for the production work. Each team member regularly visits IT trainings and meetings to improve their knowledge to keep up with technology evolution and benefit from innovation. Our experience enables us to offer high quality programming services to ensure readable codes, sophisticated architecture and a stable basis for additional program updates and a good user interface. We will not harm the quality of the software because it is your software at the highest level of execution.


We are a reliable IT agency with excellent reputation of software developer. Reputable brands and startup businesses have approached us to outsource the development services to make bespoke IT solutions for staff and clientele. We provide quality assurance guarantee that allows you to understand the progress of the project, provide results regularly, find your feedback and worry about the submission process. Company has identified itself as a reliable business partner for the IT industry.

Let's talk about your software!

We provide outsourcing application development services for over eight years and understand how to meet customer needs. Please do not hesitate to contact our IT expert advice or order the free consultancy about the realisation of your project idea.