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The development of iOS professional applications is our passion, and we will be happy to create a powerful and elegant iPhone app for your company. Since its inception in 2009, our application development organization has been building and delivering superior iOS projects. Today, we are one of the leading companies specializing in iPhone app development. However, before you decide to implement the ideas of your app, you naturally want to create a project budget. As a specialist in this, we'll help you estimate your iPhone app development costs, just send us some more details of your future app.

How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application?

Over the years, we've been working on iOS apps, and our team has developed more than 200 applications, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge on how to deliver dazzling apps within the customer's budget. According to our earlier designs, we can say that qualitative mobile software can cost from £ 20,000 to £ 600,000 or higher. Due to the many variables of the app function at the cost of labor, the huge price difference is possible. So, before you start looking for a programmer, you must determine your priority.

You want your software to be:

  • Qualitative;
  • Low budget;
  • Or do you want it to market as fast as possible?

You can combine these two attributes together, but you can not all be together. If you are facing a company that promises to create high quality and low cost software solutions as fast as possible, you should stay away from such deals, remember that such promises are red flags. You risk yourself with a great risk of wasting your money and your time.

Who? What? How?

If you do not have expertise in IT and can not estimate the cost of the iPhone application, professional developers may help you determine the approximate budget for the project and determine the most appropriate option based on your preferences and features.

You should ask yourself to find answers to three main questions:

  • Who will develop your iPhone application?
  • Which app do you want to build?
  • Do you want to create your app?

Let's take a look at each of the questions and find the best way to make your iPhone app.

What iOS developers to work with?

One of the key factors that affect your project's budget is the choice of team that you involve your ideas to achieve. The IT industry is one of the fastest growing products, plus the demand for IT products, which is why the market in this area has different benefits, and there are a variety of possible options:

DIY app Builder

Today, you can find many services online, such as Appy Pie, which allows you to create an application without coding skills. This option allows you to create inexpensive iOS apps in half an hour. But do not expect the end product to be of good quality. application vendors offer limited functionality and customization so your software is not able to provide a good user experience and will not really give users the power. Only when you need a simple app to represent your brand in the mobile world about $ 50 per month would it be possible. For these app developers, the worst thing is that errors are inevitable and you can not guarantee that you actually work on all the devices you need. Using this platform to reduce development costs may have a significant impact on your company's reputation.

Freelance Developer

Another option to build an iPhone program is to check the sites like where freelance designers and developers offer their services. If you are fortunate enough to find a proven specialist then you have a good chance, just as you work with an organization, may also cut costs. But at this point, the development process will take two to three times the time. Development time is not the only risk when working with freelancer. A successful team that can provide you with a complete life cycle should include at least:

  • Create visual content;
  • Programs with Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and other Apple software creation tools;
  • Control the programming process and connect the IT team and your product manager.

There is also a quality assurance specialist who test the final product performance and safety is also the best choice. Close to a freelancer You become a project manager and you have to work with developers and designers to invest a lot of time. In most cases, your freelancer does not even work together, and may lead to many misunderstandings and bad communication challenges. You should also have a clear understanding of the IT solution you want, or you should hire another IT consultant to verify your idea. Finally, practice shows that this is a very unreliable choice because you can not guarantee that your project is not kept in the development process and delivered on time and you will have no unexpected expenses. Total cost, time and investment will exceed your expectations.

in-house developers

Instead of hiring independent freelancers and trying to connect them to keep your final product under minimal control, you may create your own IT department responsible for your company's software development and maintenance efforts. As a matter of fact, we must admit that this option is only effective for large companies that provide some Internet services or work through the Internet because it costs much more than the long term prospects of hiring outsourcing companies. First, hiring a full set of iPhone development experts is a time-consuming process to create a department and organize it.

Secondly, your expenses will include:

  • Annual salary
  • Welfare
  • Equipment and tools;
  • Rental of workspace;
  • Regular training;
  • Finally, the highly paid specialist responsible for this new department.

If you have a project to complete, this team will not need it, which will waste your time, money and energy.

IT development company

Another option is the outsourcing software company, specializing in the development of iOS iPhone and iPad.

The advantage of hiring a perfect team is obvious:

  • They are experienced experts in this area;
  • Your development expenses will be reduced to completion of the task, no revenue, no additional equipment, space and training costs - you just pay the cost of the work;
  • Work with reputable companies to reduce overall risk and obtain certain guarantees as stipulated in the agreement;
  • You get a project manager to help you verify your project ideas, represent your interest in the company, and report the results regularly,
  • You may build long term business relationships and approach them every year if they need your technical support without the need of an annual salary;
  • The success of the project is much greater than the other.

If you decide to contact a professional iPhone app development company, you may choose onshore and offshore recruitment. So, living in the UK, you may either hire a company based in London (on land) or outsource it abroad, for example in India. Of course, offshore outsourcing is much cheaper, but due to differences in mind, many unavoidable misunderstandings and lack of communication, your risk will increase. In terms of software development, costs directly affect quality, and that is why cheap software solutions will cost you more in the long run.

Complexity affects the price

The complexity, architecture and features integration are factors that will vary the development cost from £ 5,000 to millions of pounds. When you play iOS programmers, you should keep in mind which features should be included in the iPhone app. Many companies offer their app calculators to help you use a set of features you choose to determine the approximate cost of the project. Such calculators are very difficult because they can not account for all the nuances created by the software. For example, functional compatibility, device features include screen size and resolution, as well as specific aspects of the operating system. Unless you speak with a company representative, you will not be able to determine your project's budget because each iPhone software design agency has its own fee, but we can tell the approximate economic structure for different types of iPhone apps:

  • Simple apps with table functions may be estimated at £ 5,000 - £ 10,000 items;
  • Local apps with database integration have a completely different level of complexity ranging from £ 20,000 to £ 40,000;
  • Custom apps with complex customization and custom features may cost £ 30,000 - £ 300,000 or more.

Like research companies, such as clutch countries, the average cost of developing apps is £ 140,000.

Agile VS Waterfall

There are two proven development methods, software engineers continue to build new iPhone or any other app - waterfall and agile. The first, which means a clear process of document preparation, careful and meticulous planning, budget budgeting. While agile methods such as Scrum provide flexible and iterative development, stress is the work program, not the documentation. The development of waterfalls allows you to know exactly what results you will get in the future and how much it will cost you to spend. The disadvantage of this approach is the lack of flexibility and the inability to make design changes throughout the development process. While agile processes allow you to freely deploy new features and remove the unwanted resources always created by the app. You can adjust product feedback. In this case, the cost is undefined. Typically, the programmer sends the results every two weeks and determines the budget for each operation performed within two weeks. Therefore, the final cost is always unknown before the final result is delivered.

How to make iPhone app cost-effective

He said that because of the many aspects of the software development process, his iPhone software will cost the amount of money that is not easy. Developing custom apps requires custom costs based on your needs. With the latest innovations and proven development methods, the average price of iPhone MVP customization starts at £ 20,000 to £ 30,000. We can ensure that your iPhone program is your time and money for profitable investments. The impact of the software on the business is enormous, we can help you to benefit from it. We create amazing iPhone projects and we know how to deliver a great user experience for your customers bringing and retaining new and loyal customers to increase your profits. In addition, our business analysts can create a monetization strategy for you, which can include installation cost and customer acquisition costs, in-app purchases, and together to provide a high return on investment.

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