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Understanding that you need to develop your own iOS app is a big step for future prosperity. The next question is "How?” Our team is the best choice to solve this task, however, you may also try to do it yourself. And we are ready to consult you on any issue considering the development.

Why iOS?

Ask a professional developer what platform he prefers to create an app, the answer will be iOS. Most people who create apps on Android has been forced by employers or has already developed in Java, so it was the only reason to make the transition to Android. The development of software for iOS devices is ideal to create secure applications, to cover the richest user group and to earn more money per customer.
Time of Development

Developers who are successful in designing applications on both platforms have confirmed that Android needs more time. The general development process for the iPhone and Android smartphone is the same, but according to the requirements established in hundreds of models of Android-based devices with several screens, resolutions and other technical aspects, the difference in working time. At the time of work, the design of the iOS app is 28% less on average than Android. Such a long and tiring process leads to more complicated quality control tests and a wider range of work with Android apps.

Dependence on the OS version: iOS and Android

According to Google data, 0.7% of users use Android Marshmallow, the latest version of the operating system. 36.1% still have a 3-year KitKat Android. Developers must design the product in a way that fits seven or eight versions of each browser. This problem is getting worse on all the different devices. Each one has its own screen size, resolution and other unique features, which should look and work in any app. If you are interested in Apple statistical data, 76% of iPhones now is running iOS 9 or higher.

Maintenance Fee

Both iOS and Android applications require continuous support after launch. However, iOS devices help reduce maintenance costs. It has a brief explanation. It is difficult to design a program with all the individual features of devices in mind, but support is not so easy too. The main owners of brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG have the right to make unique changes to the Android development standards. This leads to unpredictable behavior of the different models of smartphones in Android.

User Configuration

Consumer Intelligence research partners reported that 26% of people who bought the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus used Android phones. The statistics are very similar to those of iPhone 6 and 5. This trend can be explained as a safe and stable smartphone that uses the reputation of iOS with high-quality apps. The iOS platform is more stable and vulnerable. First, companies that want to equip employees with high-quality devices will first look for Apple hardware.

Development Tools

To create an app, coding is not mandatory. Today there are many free applications and game sites that do not require coding skills. However, Android Developer Studio and Apple's Xcode of such integrated development environment (IDE) has created an attractive higher quality apps. If you ask which of the developers you like the most, it's Xcode. There are many problems pointed out by designers.

  • XML design control of Android Xcode WYSIWYG
  • Inefficiency of Genymotion on Android
  • Conflict between the guidelines of Apple and Android developers, etc.

If you have some errors in your app, this will be the value of your money solution for your startup.

iOS Software Development Method

There are several ways to take advantage of ideas. If you have programming skills and have enough time to learn, you can develop your own. If your time is valuable, we are here to help with professional iOS app development services. In any case, you must work out your idea and plan the main features first. Otherwise, anyone can hardly carry out the project. Below are some points you should keep in mind before setting up the development process.


Your Apple app: main objective

Your Apple app: main objective

Coding App: Function

To achieve the goal, think about what type of function you need to implement. Do you want to contact your client? Please include something like a messenger or contact. Does your client want to know what is happening in your business? Add news feeds and push notifications. Do you want to give your clients the possibility of making appointments? Think about the reservation system

App Programming: Strategy

What is the strategy of this app? Is it just your source of information? Is it a marketing tool? Is it an auxiliary program to help reserve and order tables? Keep in mind that the mobile software is a tool designed to promote business and improve productivity.

Design: user interface

The user interface plays an important role in the promotion of applications and brands. You need to create a design, theme, background, button. It must be so easy to use and easy to understand. If you do not know where customers will enable their required mechanisms and features, the program will be useless and inefficient.

Creation of apps: active

You may need logos, graphics and audio assets before you start creating apps.

What is Necessary for iOS Apps Creation

In addition to the clear idea of ​​what you want from this app, you need to learn how to code and learn about Apple's development tools when you start developing applications on the Apple-related platform. Apple gained the reputation of the company to worry about user safety. Because it restricts applications that contradict the Apple principle. It is important to know what you can and can not do. If you want to run the app on your smartphone instead of the simulator, you must register as an iOS developer for $ 99 per year. If you want to publish your app in the Apple Store, it is not mandatory. Developers must have specific tools and skills to develop Apple apps. They include:

  • Apple IDE, a free graphic interface to make apps, Xcode

    It works as an autocomplete support, finds errors in the code before compiling and offers some debugging and performance tools.
  • The programming language of Apple, Swift

    The language was announced in 2014. Prior to that, Objective-C was the only language for creating iOS apps. Objective-C is a very complex language. To simplify the process, Swift was introduced. The languages ​​were actively accepted and adopted quickly. This is actively used by developers.

    A software development kit to create native mobile apps. With the help of the developer, you can set the price of the app, distribute it through the Apple Store and get 70% of those sales. If the developer wants to free it for free, the only expense is the membership fee. The SDK also includes a program that simulates the appearance and functionality of the iPhone on the desktop.

Mobile Developer's Guide

Today there is a lot of guidance that can teach you how to create an app for the iOS platform. If you have never written the mobile app code, or even if you do not have any programming skills, there are training courses for people who want to start. You can find tool reviews, programming language video tutorials and advanced paid webinars and cources. We have the opportunity to learn about the design of the interface, storage requirements, advice on the promotion of applications in the iOS market.

Start of development iOS applications is the official guide for Apple beginners. It starts with the creation of a food monitoring app, and to identify the key concepts, it describes how to use the development tools. Each lesson includes tutorials and conceptual information. This is a step-by-step instruction to create an app.
Master Swift
As mentioned earlier, Swift is a relatively young programming language created for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It can work.
Recommended Videos
There, incorporating a variety of development-related topics, the Apple Development Conference in the video world that provides information on the set of essential tools for the cheat industry and developers will be released.
Ray is Wenderlich tutorial Swift and Objective-C a great source of information on the programming language. There is information about several APIs, and there are links to other tutorials and libraries.
IOS Development
IOS development class from Stanford. In this case, you can learn about the tools and APIs needed to use the iOS SDK to create applications for the iOS platform. It covers all topics, from the design of the user interface to the multithreading and performance considerations.
Online Courses and Tutorials
Some online courses and tutorials as well as iOS guidelines will help you understand the idea of ​​the basic concepts of the mobile software development process.

Developing iOS Applications with us

If you hire our company, you will receive a guarantee and support for the software you created. Developers of applications for hire are based in London, specializing in the development of iOS apps. We will increase productivity and create commercial applications that meet their needs. Our team consists of professional programmers and designers, has a passion for work and considers your success for you. We develop highly functional and qualitative applications according to the latest developments in the market. As a leading expert in the development of iOS apps, we already have clients in various fields. Now we have enough experience and we know what works for your business. Our goal is to create not only useful apps, but also applications that guarantee your promotion and growth. Our development company has all the concerns and provides what you want and what you need. We are pleased to provide you with useful information and calculate a detailed estimate of the development cost of your personal app. Simply contact us now for a free consultation.