Hair and Beauty Salon Mobile Apps

You’re experts in making people look more beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great if making your sales figures look beautiful was just as easy? Television and radio advertising is prohibitively expensive, and it screams Twentieth Century. There’s a better, more efficient, more exciting way to reach your target customers. Mobile apps can turn your hidden potential into a fantastic reality. There’s never been a better time to transform your marketing solution.
We make mobile apps that are tailored for beauty and hair salons. There’s a huge range of features to choose from, that your clientèle will love. They can book a haircut or beauty treatment directly via the Appointment Form feature, and you can reward them with virtual coupons that build up brand loyalty.
Here’s a great idea: run a competition where your customer take a selfie of themselves with their new haircut. People on Facebook can vote on it, and the winner gets a free treatment. It’s viral advertising through the social media channels that everybody loves. With the tap of a screen, people can be telling the whole world how much they love your salon on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.
You can also use the mobile app’s Camera Gallery feature to allow customers to browse through the hair cuts that are available, or to watch videos of the beauty treatments on offer. It’s much more effective than a boring old price list. Videos can be placed onto YouTube, where they can be seen by an unlimited number of people, all of whom are potential clients.
That’s the best thing of all about having a dedicated app for your beauty or hair salon. It shows that you’re up to date with the latest trends and fashions. And, after all, isn’t that exactly what your customers want? Mobile apps are fun, fresh and interactive. Can you say the same about a flyer printed on a piece of paper? Contact us today, and find out how our salon mobile apps can help your business grow. We can make your salon’s future look better than ever.