Coaching and Education Mobile Apps

As a personal coach your job is to make life better for your clients. Whether you’re a personal trainer, life coach, or business coach, your customers are going to see a real change in their life. Do you want to see a real change in your life as well? Having your own mobile app can make your life better by drawing more customers to your great service.
Smart phone technology is transforming the world about us, it’s making a difference to how we communicate, and how we find and then use services. If you’re not taking advantage of this smart phone revolution, then you’ll be left behind by coaches who are.
When you have a mobile app, your clients will be able to interact with you on a whole new level. Emails can drop into the trash can without being looked at, when you send a message via your app it’s sure to make an impression. You can include motivational videos that your clients can access whenever they need a little extra encouragement. You can even include online tutorials, or a list of recommended reading before the next appointment.
Here’s a great idea. Why not reward your clients for recommending your service to others? Don’t give them an underwhelming coupon, send them a fantastic looking e-coupon via your mobile app. They won’t just be telling one friend about your service, with a click of a button they’ll be raving about your coaching to hundreds, maybe thousands, of online friends.
You’ll know how much your customers love social media. Your mobile app will turn that to your advantage. They hang out in online forums and groups that are related to the services you offer. Using the app they’ll be able to post a positive review directly to these groups. It’s so much better than broad based hit-and-miss marketing, it’s social marketing that goes directly to the very people who have an interest in the service you provide.
The Twenty-first Century is changing by the day, and bringing fantastic opportunities to those who reach out and grab them. A bespoke and beautiful mobile app won’t just put you level with your competitors, it will put you ahead of them. Contact our team today, don’t let the moment get away.